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SDC Resumes
You can contact our office directly at You can also download our client order form on the Resume Services Page. Please fill it out and return to

Once we receive a request for information from you, we will send and informational letter that will answer most if not all of your questions. 

Presently, email is the fastest method of communication and is typically able to be answered quicker than phone service. Due to multiple telephone client meetings daily, we will likely not answer the phone as we are typically on other scheduled client calls. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Communications are only answered from 10 am - 4 pm MON, WED, THURS & FRI, and we are CLOSED Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. 
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Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri   10 am to 4 pm


Tues                Closed

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Sun                Closed

We schedule calls with clients on an appointment only basis so each client receives uninterrupted service. For this reason, we do not answer calls when in session with a client. Please be courteous enough to leave a message for a return call when we are finished working with our client. 

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We will return your email as soon as possible. We frequently return emails outside of business hours. 


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We are CLOSED Tuesdays, Saturdays & Sundays! 
We are no longer taking in person appointments. You can scan the required documents and work with us via email from anywhere in the world.  We utilize credit card processing and can take debit/credit payments via phone for your convenience.  
An appointment is required for phone consults, so please email ahead to schedule. This ensures our clients that have standing appointments are not interrupted, and the same courtesy will be extended to you during your appointment! 
​Fill out the contact form below for us to contact you about our services, please include your phone number. 

Turnaround times and rates are based on volume and the complexity of the work. Anyone who offers you a flat rate for anything will probably deliver a flat product to you, plain and simple! Every situation is unique and may require more or less work on our part. We do not offer refunds after initiation of services. Draft copies of résumés, cover letters, and profiles will be provided after the client interview. Client may guarantee delivery date by expediting services for an additional fee. Once drafts are completed, we are happy to make any necessary revisions or corrections within 7 days of delivery of your documents.
It is necessary for you to review and proof your documents, and notify us of any desired changes within this 7 day period. After 7 days your documents are considered accepted, and no further revisions will be performed. Any further revision after this period will require additional writing fees. 
We are competitive by pricing our jobs accordingly. Our volume encompasses over 300 clients annually with over 900 resume products being produced each year. Our only focus is ensuring that you have the right tools, the modern touch and the professional presence you will need to succeed in your search for employment. Please note that while we can upload your documents to USAJOBS, we do not provide application or submission services. 
We will need the following when you email your documents. If you are out of state or overseas and will be emailing documents, PDF is the best format to use. 



Please ensure that you remove PII from your evaluations and documents for individuals who are not a party to our transaction (Primarily rater SSNs/emails/other military personnel) This is not a concern for your information, just outside parties. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping information private and safe. 


For Military Clients: 


1. Last 10 Years of NCOER/OERs/EPRs (Last 10 years of work history for civilians) (Performance Evaluations)

AIR FORCE CLIENTS!: You will need to provide expanded versions or explanations of your EPR bullets (AF abbreviations and acronyms spelled out). 

2. ERB or ORB fully updated. (Service Record Brief)

3. ATRRS, VMET Document (Verification of Military Experience and Training) or Joint Services Transcript. (Training record for civilians)

4. Any additional training certificates.

5. Information on civilian college (completed and pending) including credit hours and GPA. Unofficial or official transcripts are OK.

6. Any special licenses or certifications. 

7. Secret Clearance issue date and security level.

8. Address, phone number, and email address you would like on the resume. 


For Civilian Clients: 


1. Last 10 years of work history including Performance Evaluations

2. Any professional training completed (certificate and non-certificate)

3. Professional Certifications and Designations

4. Publications, Seminars and Speaking Engagements

5. Internships and volunteer work (include hours performed)

6. Information on college (completed and pending) including credit hours and GPA. Unofficial or official transcripts are OK.

7. Secret Clearance issue date and security level.

8. Address, phone number, and email address you would like on the resume.