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Military Packages

Specializing in Military Personnel during their Transition to the Civilian Workforce with Federal and Civilian Resumes, we write resumes for all types of professionals, both civilian and military.

Our Military Package includes a federal resume, civilian resume, cover letter, training sheet, and reference sheet. We also include a complimentary LinkedIn profile update with this package. 


​When choosing a resume writer it is important to select the company that will help you create the documents you need to advance your career to the next level. Our modern approach to capturing your career and formatting your documents will set you apart so that you can stand out from other applicants. The age old adage is true, anyone can write a resume. It takes a professional with knowledge of your experience, climate, and achievements and an unbiased, outside view to craft a document that highlights the very best of your career. Clients often tell us the reason they hire us is they just do not have the time to dedicate to the process to do it themselves. Our clients also want an impartial view of their career from a professional without the personal bias one faces while crafting their own resume documents. Our years of experience will work for you to give you the edge. We will lift the burden of creating your documents so that you will stand out as the most qualified. 

Whether you are just joining the workforce, or you are looking for a change in career, you simply should have a professional resume to be considered. 


There is so much competition in today's economy and marketplace that you need this vital resource called a professional resume to be above the rest. A resume is simply words on paper about you, your jobs, your education, and your expertise. What is vital to the employer reading your resume is the way it is written and formatted. We give your resume its edge by highlighting your strengths and skills.

Anyone can write a resume, not everyone will write a successful resume for you that will get you results! Our civilian resumes are tailored to your needs on an individual basis, not just changing names and information on templates. All of our resumes are unique, just like you. After we create your drafts, we are happy to adjust the information within our revision period. 


Federal Resumes

When trying to tackle federal job opportunities at USAJOBS, it can be confusing, and tough. 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our Federal Resume comes with a cover letter. 

Federal resumes are often confusing and complicated to create, and require extra research and time that quite frankly you could use to your advantage elsewhere! 

We'll take the time to get your federal resume right, and we will be specific! We urge you to review your documents thoroughly to ensure all necessary changes are made prior to submission. Talk with us today to find out how our expertise with USAJOBS will save you time, money, resource, and headache when submitting your resume!  


It doesn't have to be difficult to land a great federal position, we are here to help you create a winning resume that will get noticed!


Federal resumes, like Rome are not built in a day. It takes time, hands-on research, and a veritable archive of federal writings to produce high-quality federal resumes that get selected. You also need someone on your side that knows the system, the application process, and the ability to provide you with the assistance you need. We prepare approximately 300 federal resumes annually for a variety of jobs and GS Levels. You can be confident that we have the information you need to get selected in USAJOBS.

To get started, download our client order form here! Fill it out and email it to to request services and check availability. 

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